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BiG Conference FAQs

  • Q. What is the deadline to register for BiG Conference 2017?

  • Q. What airport should I fly into?

  • Q. Will there be shuttle service from the airport to the conference hotel?

  • Q. When can I make my hotel reservations?

  • Q. Is my hotel room included in my registration?

  • Q. If I want to stay additional nights, what is the procedure?

  • Q. What is the attire for the conference?

  • Q. What is the weather like in Daytona Beach, Florida in October?

  • Q. What is the BiG Marketplace?

  • Q. Can my Group assistant take appointments?

  • Q. Are there fam trips available for Boomers delegates?

  • Q. When will I get my appointment schedule?

  • Q. What handouts are permitted at BIG?

  • Q. What if I have a random appointment with a destination in which I'm not interested?

  • Q. Where and when is the next BiG Conference?


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